Choosing the right bank is a big decision. If community-based knowledge and personalized attention is important to you, then banking local is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking to switch banks or thinking about opening up an account at a new bank, you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right one to fit your unique needs. Banking local is a great way to get the attention you deserve while also taking advantage of the latest innovations in banking solutions and tools.

What do you look for in a bank?
First, you need to establish what you want most from your bank. This article from The Balance talks about the four main things you should consider when choosing a bank—namely, convenience, cost, services, and community. Local banks shine bright in all four of these categories because they offer:

• The convenience of physically visiting a bank that’s right in your neighborhood, in addition to tools allowing you to bank anywhere.
• The potential for lower fees than large banks, as well as great rates on savings accounts and loan products.
• The services that customers crave (like online banking, mobile deposits, etc.), plus more personalized customer service.
• The opportunity to support your local community and economy.

With local banks, it’s all about YOU.
For many people, a close, personal relationship with their banker is the key to ensuring that they’re making the best financial decisions. Whether you have questions about your individual finances or need money management advice for your business, having a banking expert to lead you down the right financial path is always a great plan of action.

Many bigwig banks can offer personalized guidance, but when banking local, you’ll get the community-based knowledge you need as well. For instance, Lake Shore Savings Bank has been around for more than 127 years, based solely in Western New York. Every employee lives in the area and has specialized knowledge of the local landscape to better guide their customers.

Building a relationship with your banker helps them to fully understand your wants and needs. This will allow them to create a strong financial strategy tailored to you, as well as select the banking products and tools that will benefit you the most. Plus, each time you call or stop in, you’ll know exactly who you’ll be talking to and what to expect.

So, why wait? Go local today.
At Lake Shore Savings Bank, our branches consist of personal banking experts, business banking specialists, lending professionals and more. But what they all have in common is a deep passion for Western New York and a strong knowledge of the local area.

If you want to learn more about a bank that’s been around for generations of Western New Yorkers, call or stop by your local branch today. We’d love to chat!