Putting People First

Community. By definition, it’s a group of individuals living and working together toward a common goal. For more than 127 years, Lake Shore Savings has been committed to our Western New York community by Putting People First throughout this place we call home. It’s not just our tag line. It’s our promise that our commitment to providing the best service and financial products will always begin with the needs – and the voice – of those we serve.

Putting People First is more than just knowing someone’s name. It’s about a bank extending its support to individuals, business owners and community partners who aspire to be the best they can be at every stage of their financial journey. It’s listening first, then responding with solutions that make sense. It’s placing control in the customer’s hands with the technology and security they want to bank at their convenience. It’s actively engaging customers to anticipate future needs, so Lake Shore Savings Bank can maintain our position of relevance and stability in the community. And it’s recognizing and supporting other local organizations that dedicate vital services and programs to those in need.

At Lake Shore Savings, we put people first because that’s how trust is earned, and relationships are built. And simply because we just don’t know any other way.

Community Reinvestment Grants

We are proud to continue our tradition of Putting People First throughout our communities by awarding a series of Community Reinvestment Grants to help fund vital programs and services to local non-profit organizations.

Eligibility Requirements and Grant Application Form

For further questions regarding Community Reinvestment Grants, please contact our CRA Officer at CRA@lakeshoresavings.com or (716) 366-4070.