Online banking has a new look!

Customers who log on to our online banking platform on either a desktop computer or mobile device will now notice some enhancements. Bigger font sizes, more compact and direct navigation, and a less cluttered layout will all make for a better and more efficient user experience. All the features that our customers have come to know and expect while banking online are all available on the new platform, however many of these features are “filed” under the newly-redesigned navigation bar on the top of the page. Because the new menus expand, customers now have one-click access to almost every tool on the new platform. Users also have the option to switch to “dark mode,” which is easier on the eyes, and makes text easier to see on mobile devices.

The new “Home” page neatly lists your accounts and balances.

The “Transfers” menu includes “Transfers,” “Transfer Activity,” and “Transfer Accounts.” The options have been renamed so that everything fits neatly in one menu. Note that you can use the “Quick Transfer” function on the right of the page to make instant transfers between your Lake Shore Savings Bank accounts.

The “Manage My Money” menu will stay the same, with “Manage My Money Overview,” “Budget,” “Savings Goals,” and “Categories” all listed.

The former “Theme Switcher” and “Banking Service Center” options have been moved to the menu in the upper right corner where your name is shown. This helps make the main menu cleaner and more organized.

When you click, “My Profile,” there are several options listed. Instead of scrolling down the page to “Contact Info,” you can manage your email, phone number, and other user information all in one place.

Under “Banking Services,” you’ll find several options to help you manage your account, including options to manage your alerts…

…as well as your biometric (fingerprint or faceID) login information.

If you have any question or issues with your online banking account, please contact us at (716) 366-4070 or 1-(800) 336-6116.